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2019 Reading Roundup

🤠 yeehaw Circa January 2017 I decided to “get back into reading,” and for some reason was unable to stick with anything but dystopian sci-fi novels. 2018 was largely the same (although seriously hmu if you want sci-fi recs). In 2019, I blossomed into a person who is able to handle multiple types of books. Below are my favorites, loosely organized by theme.


My “most important” category of books this year was about the environment and climate change.

^ all of these books feed into my desire to blow up my life & move to the middle of nowhere in nature. Which is impractical, but I were to do it, I would need to be able to talk intelligently about the things I was looking at (chiefly rocks and clouds) so I did buy some physical books to help out with that:

Capitalism, basically

Sci-Fi 4ever

Trying to have a better life

Trying to be a better person


For 2020, I have a few books planned/preordered that I am excited about:

If you’ve read this far - send me recommendations, please! I am always on the hunt for more :)