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2021 Booklist

Wow, what a year!

In terms of general reading themes, I started with a heavy climate-focus at the beginning of the year. Climate change is a hyperobject, and it’s useful to approach it from varying disciplines and rhetorical techniques. Midway through the year, though, I felt kinda saturated with this topics. Which lead to bifurcating themes for the rest of the books:

  1. Appreciating the hell out of the natural world. There’s no better way to honor & respect our planet than by going deep on it! Biology, geology, chemistry, ecology, gimme all of it :)
  2. Digging into the historical/political/financial reasons for why we wound up here. Sadly I see now that, in terms of climate change, we as a species know exactly what’s going on and what we would need to do to fix it. It’s the money/power systems in place that prevent us from taking swift(er) action. So basically ya girl is finally learning econ 101.

Enjoy! I hope you find a good recommendation or two.

Climate :(

Nature :)

Culture Systems

Culture Feelings

until next year, loves :)